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Brian Saunders

Brian SaundersBrian started his farrier career in 1991 working for Billy Crothers who was based near Tring hertfordshire, after gaining a years experience shoe making in the forge Brian’s apprenticeship commenced, working with fellow apprentices Darren Bazin, Nick Record and Sam Head.

Training along side these guys there was no surprise a strong competitive nature was encouraged which took them to many competitions that improved their shoe making skills.

In 1996 Brian passed his diploma of the worshipful company of farriers, and is convinced that the experience of shoe making competitions as an apprentice gave him much improved confidence when sitting exams.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s Brian was a regular member of the scottish farrier team gaining techniques and knowledge from some of the best and most experienced farriers from around the world.

In 2001 Brian sat the associate exam and achieved his A.W.C.F status.

Since becoming an approved training farrier it has given Brian great satisfaction in nurturing and guiding apprentices and also helping and encouraging fellow farriers, in passing on his experiences gained from working around many parts of the world.

Which brings us up to the birth of know foot know

Brian Saunders Brian Saunders Brian Saunders