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Jim Blurton

Jim BlurtonJim Blurton, World Champion Farrier 2005, has been a practising farrier for over 30 years. His father was a farrier and encouraged him form an early age to follow in his footsteps. Jim served a thorough apprenticeship under his father’s watchful eye and was taught skills gleaned from over 40 years. At the age of 18 Jim knew he wanted to be the best in the world and started competing in local competitions. It wasn’t long before he quickly established himself as a one of the best farriers’ in the Shropshire district.

By the age of 20 Jim was winning national competitions and representing Wales in International competitions. In fact Jim has now been representing his country for 29 years in home internationals and world team events. For the last 4 years Jim has been manager of the Welsh Team and was proud to collect the World Team Championship in August 2008. He has won over 200 competitions worldwide including the prestigious National Championship and European Championship. Jim finally achieved his dream of becoming the best in the world in 2005. After nearly 15 years of regularly finishing in the top 5 at the world championships Jim was crowned World Champion in Calgary.

After moving to Forden, near Welshpool, Jim started to expand the Farrier business, taking on apprentices and qualified staff. In the last twenty years over 15 apprentices have learnt their trade with Forden Farriers, many of them going on to International competition themselves. Jim now employs 9 farriers and covers an area from Cheshire down to Gloucester. He shoes for some of the countries most prestigious and successful Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage yards and is regularly asked to consult for veterinary practises.

In the early 80’s Jim started making his own tools to help him improve his skills. The quality of the tools was quickly recognised by other farriers who asked him to make tools for them. It was not long before he was approached by the leading farrier suppliers in the UK to manufacture tools for national distribution. His tools established themselves as some of the best available and it was not long before Jim was exporting his tools to the USA. The business has grown year on year and Jim is now widely regarded as the UK’s number one manufacturer of quality farrier tools. The tools are now exported to over 70 countries and Jim now has the most comprehensive range of quality tools on offer worldwide.

Jim Blurton Specialist Horseshoes was established in 2007 and has very quickly become the world’s leading supplier of quality remedial shoes. The launch last year of the revolutionary Heart, Egg and Straight Bar shoes has seen Jims reputation as a worldwide expert on remedial shoeing and shoemaking enhanced further. This year will see the launch of a new Graduated Bar Shoe with a Graduated Shoe following later in 2009.

Alongside this successful business Jim is regularly asked to run clinics in the UK, Europe, USA the Middle and Far East. With his reputation as an expert in remedial shoeing and shoemaking Jim is much in demand by equine establishments worldwide. He also runs consultancy clinics on shoe making and foot rehabilitation.

Contact Details
Rosehill, Kingswood,
Powys, SY21 8TR
Tel: +44 (0)1938 580 222 Fax:+44 (0)1938 580 228

jimblurton2bJim BlurtonIMG_3715_2-400

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Dallas Morgan

Dallas MorganA native Australian with a typical horse family upbringing, he was Pony Club President and built the first cross country course at Morgan Park in his hometown of Warwick, Queensland Australia that has now become the premier cross country park in Australia. At fifteen, he went to work in the outback riding and shoeing horses on large cattle stations. There he discovered he should make a living shoeing horses.
In 1989 he ventured to the United States to attend a formal horseshoeing program and graduated with a Horseshoeing Instructors Certificate.

In 1993 he became attending Farrier at Kansas State University where for six years he worked extensively with hospitalized therapeutic cases as well as maintained a remedial horseshoeing business.

1n 1997 he competed in England and qualified for the royal show. Upon returning to the USA, he moved to California where he primarily shod jumpers and dressage horses.

As a member of the American Farriers Team in 2000, competed extensively through out the US, Canada and England.

In 2002 he and his wife, an Equine Veterinarian, opened an Equine Veterinary and Farrier Hospital in Upstate New York. The primary focus of the hospital is lameness diagnostics and therapeutic treatments. Dallas sees therapeutic cases in the hospital as well as travels to private stables to shoe horses. You can visit their website at

Dallas MorganEach winter at the hospital, Dallas hosts educational sessions that focus on shoemaking for horseshoeing and competition and tool making and maintenance. He is again on the road as judge and clinician, as a Mustad sponsored clinician.

His most recent competition win was World Championship Blacksmith (WCB) Overall High Point and Open Division Winner at Flagstaff AZ in June 2008.

Morgan Equine Veterinary & Farrier Hospital
Jessica Morgan DVM Dallas W. Morgan CJF, DipWCF
169 Tucker Hill Road Locke NY 13092

Phone Numbers
Office 607-898-9777 Fax 607-898-5733
Jessica Morgan Cell: 607-592-2573
Dallas Morgan Cell: 607-592-4220

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Nigel Fennell

Nigel FennellIt was in 1989 when Nigels journey in to farriery began, and he was apprenticed to training farrier Tim Godfrey in Farnham Surrey. In 1995 Nigel qualified with the diploma of the worshipful company of farriers. After gaining more experience and working hard in all aspects of farriery Nigel carried on his interest and study of farriery, to go on and achieve the Associateship of the worshipful company of farriers in the year 2000.

Nigel took full advantage when the opportunity arose for him to work for 2 years as the surgical farrier for the world renowned specialist laminitic veternary surgeon Robert Eustace FRCVS at the laminitis clinic Wiltshire England.

In Hampshire where Nigel runs his successful shoeing business, he shoes various types of horses rangeing from hunters that go with the Hampshire hunt to Eventers/Dressage/ShowJumpers that compete to all levels not to mention the number of pleasure horses that he shoes. Shoeing shires is always a hard but a pleasing challenge to Nigel,he looks forward to shoeing the small number of showing shires that he looks after including, the Fullers Brewery Shire horses.

Nigel has been competing now for 11 years now and although the competition ladder is a hard one to climb he has had many successes in British and overseas competitions. Main highlights include

  • National Champion Medallist 2004
  • National Industrial blacksmithing champion 2005
  • England horse shoeing team (European team champions Italy 2006,2007)
  • European show champion Fiera-cavalli Italy 2007
  • World Champion Top Ten Finallist 2007

There has been many mentors in Nigels farriery career , he has included, all the competitors he has competed along side for many years, they have given vital information by demonstrating and helping him practice and improve his skills.
Predominatly in the beginning for the shoeing and shoe making Colin Smith FWCF(hons), Henry Gregory RSS(hons) and Adrian Devereux who introduced me to it all !!

Nigel now offers clinics for further education and is available for one to one, and groups including CPD clinics recognized and approved by the worshipful company of farriers.Clinics can also be given abroad.
Contact Nigel at or on 07887501509

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Stephen Beane

Steven BeaneSteven Beane AWCF has been shoeing horses for 11 years and currently has a busy practice in North Yorkshire.

He is an associate of the Worshipful Company of Farriers and does clinics and judges both at home and abroad. He is a keen competitor participating in competitions worldwide.

Steven has been a member of the English horseshoeing team for six years and been on the winning team 4 times at Stoneleigh. He has competed at the AFA annual convention 4 times and Calgary 5 times.

A few of his proudest achievements are:

  • 2001 – present Yorkshire Champion
  • 2005 and 2006 – Reserve World Champion
  • 2005 – World Forging Champion
  • 2006 and 2007 Reserve World Forging Champion
  • 2006 and 2007 High Point Shoe at Calgary
  • 2006 Best Shod Foot at Calgary
  • 2006 and 2008 European Champion
  • 2008 Royal Show Champion
  • 2009 2011 World Forging Champion
  • 2009, 2010 World Shoeing Champion
  • 2009, 2010, 2011 World Champion Blacksmith

He is in constant demand world wide to provide clinics and demonstrations.

Contact Steven on 07803176698.

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Richard Ellis

Richard EllisRICHARD ELLIS D.W.C.F (Hons)

Born in North Wales in 1963, he started his apprenticeship in Northampton in 1979 with Mick Fryatt and qualified in 1983, with Honours.

He started shoeing competitions in 1989, have won most county show championships plus National championship twice and The Royal championship once.                                                                                                        Richard

had been a member of the infamous international Welsh team with Andy Martin, Billy Crothers and Jim Blurton for 12 years, winning National, International and World 4 man team shoeing competitions during the same year.

He won the World Championship in 1997 and Rookie in 1994.

Richard judged every Major shoeing competition in the UK, some in Europe and Calgary 2002.

Sadly Richard passed away in December 2012 after battling a long term illness. A true legend of the industry and a true gentleman, he will be missed by us all.

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Gary Darlow

Gary DarlowGary has been running his farriery business from Meadow Bank Farm since 1980. During this time he has trained nine apprentices including Derek Gardner (an internatinal judge, past Scotland Team Member and National Champion farrier) and Richard Slater (current England Apprentice Team Member).

Gary represented England at the Stonleigh International Competition seventeen times, twice winning the Individual Award.

He is also Seven Times National Champion and has won all the Major Shoeing and Shoe Making Competitions in the UK during his career.

Gary Darlow AFCL
Meadow Bank Farm
Holmes Chapel Road
Over Peover
WA16 9JA
Forge Number 01565 722618
Mobile Number 07836 630958

Gary Darlow Gary Darlow Gary Darlow

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Brian Saunders

Brian SaundersBrian started his farrier career in 1991 working for Billy Crothers who was based near Tring hertfordshire, after gaining a years experience shoe making in the forge Brian’s apprenticeship commenced, working with fellow apprentices Darren Bazin, Nick Record and Sam Head.

Training along side these guys there was no surprise a strong competitive nature was encouraged which took them to many competitions that improved their shoe making skills.

In 1996 Brian passed his diploma of the worshipful company of farriers, and is convinced that the experience of shoe making competitions as an apprentice gave him much improved confidence when sitting exams.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s Brian was a regular member of the scottish farrier team gaining techniques and knowledge from some of the best and most experienced farriers from around the world.

In 2001 Brian sat the associate exam and achieved his A.W.C.F status.

Since becoming an approved training farrier it has given Brian great satisfaction in nurturing and guiding apprentices and also helping and encouraging fellow farriers, in passing on his experiences gained from working around many parts of the world.

Which brings us up to the birth of know foot know

Brian Saunders Brian Saunders Brian Saunders

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Darren Bazin

Darren BazinDarren Bazin was born into a horsey family and it was only natural that he would want a career working with horses. He became interested in farriery through a farrier friend of the family Philip (Tip) Warner and after completing school he managed to secure an apprenticeship with five times world champion blacksmith Billy Crothers and his business partner Carl Bettison. After a thoroughly enjoyable apprenticeship he managed to obtain the diploma of the worshipful company of farriers in 1992 and went on to become an associate in 1994.

Throughout his apprenticeship he was encouraged to compete in shoemaking competitions and once qualified started competing in the open shoeing classes.A competitive edge
and a dedication to his craft saw him become 3x world forging champion, 3 x world shoeing champion
and 3 x world champion Blacksmith.

He has been consistent member of the England horse shoeing team for the last 15 years and has competed in not only the UK but also the USA, Canada, Scandinavia and Italy.He has also judged both at home and abroad.
The competitions have enabled Darren to strive for excellence which has helped maintain a top standard in his every day work in the busy practice based in Northamptonshire where he now trains his own apprentices. Another knock on effect of being one of the world’s top competitive farriers are the various clinics Darren has been invited to give.

Darren is available for shoemaking and shoeing clinics both home and aboard. His shoeing practice covers Northants and parts of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire, and Cambridgeshire.

Contact Darren Mobile 07850 214946 or 01536 761310

Darren Bazin

Darren Bazin profile

Darren Bazin