UK only Education and Training Continuing Professional Development(CPD).

Qualified members of professional bodies are increasingly being required to undertake CPD in order that the high standards they had to achieve to become qualified are maintained whilst they continue to practice in their chosen profession.

Know Foot Know Horse thoroughly supports CPD, one of our aims is to make CPD easier to obtain for those members who live in the more remote areas or who struggle to find the time to attend the various CPD events.

“CPD is a continual process of lifelong learning. It includes everything learnt that makes you better able to carry out your job as a farriery professional, including your roll as an employer if applicable”. (Guide to Continuing Professional Development for Farriers 2014 edition).

To claim CPD points for using Know foot know horse.com website,

Open up your “My training Record” at www.farrierycpd.org/my-training/my-training-record/

Drop down to:-

Enter in a course or CPD activity:

I viewed a video on the “knowfootknowhorse” website(   add MOVIE TITLE   ).

Add any information that you gained from this movie and or time spent reviewing the material.

Eg. “I viewed a video on the “knowfootknowhorse” website,  Dynamic evaluation of balance, both static and in motion.

some of the concepts were quite advanced and I found it necessary to view the film twice. what I learned from this was…… I devoted a total of (x) hours to this learning activity and have claimed (y) CPD points.”

Click CPD points: scroll to” Webinair/online training” select.

Date CPD points acquired: as applicable.