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Richard Ellis

Richard EllisRICHARD ELLIS D.W.C.F (Hons)

Born in North Wales in 1963, he started his apprenticeship in Northampton in 1979 with Mick Fryatt and qualified in 1983, with Honours.

He started shoeing competitions in 1989, have won most county show championships plus National championship twice and The Royal championship once.                                                                                                        Richard

had been a member of the infamous international Welsh team with Andy Martin, Billy Crothers and Jim Blurton for 12 years, winning National, International and World 4 man team shoeing competitions during the same year.

He won the World Championship in 1997 and Rookie in 1994.

Richard judged every Major shoeing competition in the UK, some in Europe and Calgary 2002.

Sadly Richard passed away in December 2012 after battling a long term illness. A true legend of the industry and a true gentleman, he will be missed by us all.